New York City is famous for its world-class public libraries.  Our three public library systems serve 8 million residents from a combined 212 locations, numbering over 43 million visits in FY’09 alone. Since the economic crisis began, library use has been at an all-time high, with many New Yorkers depending on their local library for access to the information, resources, and programs necessary to conduct job searches, complete their education, navigate the Internet, and access public services.

The Save NYC Libraries Campaign is committed to stabilizing library funding in NYC. Libraries provide essential services to all New Yorkers, from babies to senior citizens, job seekers to tweens looking for a copy of the latest vampire novel.

So check out our site, write a letter to your council member, sign a petition, come to an event. Help us let our elected officials know why libraries are so important.

The Save NYC Libraries Campaign is run by Urban Librarians Unite, an independent non-profit organization committed to ensuring access to libraries for all New Yorkers.

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