Libraries in New York City are some of the most vibrant community learning spaces in the country. Where else can you hear 5 different languages being spoken on your way to the computer lab? Where else can you go to get help with your job search, computer skills, ESOL, early childhood literacy and the name of the most recent James Patterson book?

Yep, thought so.

None of that can happen without adequate stable funding. An increase across the city of $65 million would allow for 6 day service in all 5 boroughs. Let’s make that happen!

The Save NYC Libraries Campaign is committed to stabilizing library funding in NYC. Libraries provide essential services to all New Yorkers, from babies to senior citizens, job seekers to tweens looking for a copy of the latest vampire novel.

So check out our site, write a letter to your council member, sign a petition, come to an event. Help us let our elected officials know why libraries are so important.

The Save NYC Libraries Campaign is run by Urban Librarians Unite, an independent non-profit organization committed to ensuring access to libraries for all New Yorkers.

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